Region of Sueve, close to our accommodations

El Santi Restaurant

A few minutes far from Turismo Rural el sidron, taking the road way to Colunga, there is a small village called Borines. Here we find the Santi Restaurant. Here you can play a pleasant game of cards or taste great traditional dishes made of 100% native dishes. Good daily menú.

La Roca Restaurant-Barbecue


La Roca is another place to find local people.  Situated at the end of Sevares, taking the national road  way to Cangas de Onis, it´s a big sidrería that includes a huge range of dishes, from delicious fish to all kinds of meetings, always perfectly cooked. The big wood barbecue and a sidra drink receive the visitor. Good daily menú.

Benidorm Restaurant

At the entrance to Villamayor, way to Oviedo, there is Benidor Restaurant. Its big dining room  is always crowded, every day of the week, It speaks so much about the quality and service. 

Home-cooked meals, “potaje”, large number of dishes…  Great daily-menu.

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