The Shore

Vista Alegre Restaurant

Close to Colunga we find Vista Alegre Restaurant. Seafood “paellas”, tuna, “dorada”, “cachopo”, stuffed sole… the terrace is close to the beach of La Griega makes this restaurant a very suggestive place.

El Cafetín Restaurant

Colunga closest coastal village to  Turismo Rural el Sidrón, and in this beautiful fishers village we are able to admire the contrast between the sea and the mountains. The best products of Cantabrican Sea can be tasted in El Cafetín Restaurant. Barbecue included. A visit difficult to forget.

Casa Marcelo Restaurant

“Cachopos”, “callos”, seafood or stuffed onions… Strongly exquisite dishes at affordable prices. It´s specialized in home-made food.  Family environment in Casa Marcelo, in Villaviciosa Village.

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