Sidron Cave Nature Reserve and Protedted Landscape of the Sierra del Sueve

The Sidron Cave Nature Reserve is situated close to Turismo Rural El Sidrón. Here, apart from high natural and biological values, there is an extremely important prehistoric site, including cave painting, which is being researched by the University of Oviedo scientists. The cave is divided in four different clearly differentiated areas: the Grave Area, the Cabañina Area, the Borehole  and the  Salelagua Area.  



Driving along Alto de la Llama Road, 20 km far from ourr accommodations  (aprox.) , we arrive to Colunga, at the shore of the Cantabrico Sea. Here we can find a wide variety of beaches to choose, with good approach roads and a moderate  number of visitors. If you intend to discover beautiful places, the eastern coast of Asturias is your destination. From Colunga, taking the Cantabrico Highway we can go through wonderful coastal villages: Ribadesella, Llanes, Villaviciosa…

The Surroundings

Our accommodations are located  in the breathtaking heart of the Comarca del Sueve, one of the most virgin and  unaltered territories in Asturias. Really thick beech,  yew and chestnut forests  support a huge variety of native animals as foxes, wild boars, vultures, capercaillies and, of course, the most known and emblematic animal of Asturias, the Asturcón. All of these can be appreciated  in the surrounding area  near our accommodations, practicing some trekking or contemplating it from the viewpoint called del Fitu.

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