Sidron Cave Nature Reserve and Protedted Landscape of the Sierra del Sueve

The Sidron Cave Nature Reserve is situated close to Turismo Rural El Sidrón. Here, apart from high natural and biological values, there is an extremely important prehistoric site, including cave painting, which is being researched by the University of Oviedo scientists. The cave is divided in four different clearly differentiated areas: the Grave Area, the Cabañina Area, the Borehole  and the  Salelagua Area.  


On the other hand, the Sueve mountain offers us a beautiful scenery with great vegetation and farm traces that stretch toward the sky. Any season is  appropriate to visit this mountainous place near  the sea. Foxes, wild boars, vultures… may  by the easily  watched by the visitors. Furthermore, mount Sueve is  the only place in the World you can see I  the Asturcon in freedom, a breed of Asturian semi-wild  horse, that is the international image of Asturias.





On December we stayed for 1 week in La Bolera, and me and my family were delighted with this house, its surrounded by woods, small rivers ... wonderful place to wander arround. But we never expected that half mile from us there was one of the most important Neanderthal remains recently found in Europe. Its supposed it was not allowed to enter the cave because it had been discovered recently so there was still some pending research work.

In any case, we were not disappointed because we found a Jurassic museum in Colunga, a village placed about 20 Kilometers from our accommodation, and we finaly saw all the dyno bones and skulls we could imagine in places like London's Natural History Musseum.