In the surroundings

We start in Infiesto whose Patron Saint is San Antonio, the 13rd of June. It´s a typical Asturian meeting with mass, processions, auction of “the ramo” and  a big lunch  in the countryside.

Les Llamases, a local womens association, organizes  all this celebration. The multitudinous lunch, after mass, is held in the Prau de Xurdes, on the outskirts of the  village. The Infiesto´s Virgin of the Cave is all around in the festivities . The dance starts at  nightfall.

Another remarkable date is the 16th of Octover, Saint Teresa. About 20 minutes far from Turismo Rural el Sidron S.L, on foot, we arrive to Borines, a small town, where there are great saint celebrations from the 14th to the 16th of this month. It´s a pure example of an Asturian village saint celebration: “espicha” in the field, wine and bread with “chorizo”, barbecue and “sidra” everywhere.

Miyares is very close too, and It´s festival takes place in August: It´s called Bollu Festival. Some traditional activities as a single-married football match, kids entertainment, carnival… and much more. There is also a crowded meal in the field with bollu and wine. It continues during the night with dance and orquestra.

The most famous festival in Villamayor is Corpus Celebration, in June. A huge influx of people come every year to follow the “verbena”, with entertainment provided by an orchestra that plays non-stop.  It´s fireworks are well known all around the region.